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Local names: Corfu - Korfu - Kerkyra - Surface: 641 sq km - Population: 107,395
Climate: Corfu has a warm Mediterranean climate. In summer, dry hot days are often relieved by stiff breezes. The Kerkyra can be stiflingly hot, so visitors should allow time to acclimatise. The evenings are cool. Winters are mild but often wet. November to March is the rainy season.
Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50Hz. Round two-pin plugs are used.

Main Resorts:
Sidari, Kavos, Paleokastritsa, Benitses, Dassia, Gouvia, Moraitika, Messonghi, Kassiopi, Roda
Languages: Greek (Ellenika), English, German, Italian - Money: Euro


• The best months to visit Corfu is May and September. The weather is very good, and you can get better service and prices, because it's low season.
• Take some precautions with the Greek sun.
• Although you can always find someone who speaks English or German - even in the most remote places in Corfu a word in Greek can be very helpfull at the first contact.
• When flying from a cold climate to a warmer one, board with a change of appropiate of clothes. Approximately one hour from arrival, change and enjoy the new found warm.
• Greek time is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, an hour ahead of Central European
• Getting prepaid phone cards is the cheapest way to make intercity or international calls.
• In Greece you can use all GSM mobile phones (system used in Europe and a few other countries) but, US cell phones do not work in Greece.


On Kerkyra, or Corfu, no matter where you're staying on the island: "All roads lead to Corfu town", and you can arrive by the well-organized local bus system, or by excursions offered virtually everywhere tourists stay. A better option, however, is car rental: you can come and go as you please; and if you're a family of four, you may find it cheaper to rent a car than to pay for tourist excursions (depending on how kids' fares are priced). Car rental on Corfu is inexpensive by European standards. With your own wheels, you can stay in town at dusk, when Corfiots of all ages stroll in the park and narrow streets, and greet friends. Thousands of swallows flock overhead: dusk is prime-time to be in Corfu town. As in all parts of Greece, even the youngest kids are up-and-about until midnight, in summer time!

All major Credit Cards are recognized and accepted in most of hotels, shops, travel agencies, car rental offices and Restaurants. Greek ATMs usually allow for only a four-digit password , so you must get advice from your bank as to how deal with this if your password has more than four. Also note that the punch keys on the Greek ATMs do not use letters, so you must convert your password to numbers.
Issued by all the major companies are widely recognized. You can cash your traveler's cheques in all Greek and foreign banks, exchange bureaus and big hotels. Identification is necessary for the transaction, so do not forget to have your passport with you.
In Corfu Greece you drive on the right, pass on the left, and yield right of way to vehicles approaching from the right except where otherwise posted. To drive a car or any vehicle in Corfu, are required:
Valid registration papers, International third-party insurance certificate, A driver's license
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